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Being a well-known name in the plumbing field, we take our job very seriously and provides a wide range of services starting from small problems like blocked drains to huge problems like emergency service. Some examples of our service include commercial plumbing, strata plumbing, toilet and sewerage service, leaky and bursting pipelines, gas fittings, and many more. We even provide outside-of-plumbing service like appliance installation since our workers are very professional and handy. But in here, we’re going to talk about one of our most wanted service, the Heating & Cooling service that seems to be very popular in the plumbing industry.

The Heating & Cooling service is basically a need and a must if you live here in Melbourne, Australia.

Living in a 4 season country requires a great deal of preparation and commitment. When it comes to hot season like summer and spring, you’ll want an air conditioner in your living space because the temperature will rise so high that you’ll be dripping in sweat without any air conditioning. And on the other hand, cold winter days and nights will be a nightmare without having a heater inside. The cold temperature will freeze your very last cells if your home isn’t equipped with a heater. This service is for those of you who aren’t equipped with either one or both, and for those of you who needs one or both of them maintained or fixed.

Having a heater and an AC is great and all but it requires maintenance just like any other appliances.

You’ll need to clean your AC and replace the Freon every once in a while to avoid damaging the AC. Your heater needs to be frequently dusted off to prevent dusts building up on the edges and the inside. Taking care of a heater is much easier than maintaining a well-functioning AC. But don’t worry because 247 Plumbing is here to do all the work. We know everything about AC’s and heaters, so you can count on us in both installing and fixing yours. If you want to install a new one, you can consult with us about the design that you desire the kind that suits you the most. There are various kinds of AC’s and heaters, so if you’re confused on which ones to get, our team will gladly help you out. If you need to have them repaired though, you can easily contact us and arrange a schedule to let us visit your place and have your appliances checked.

Why choose us?

Having a plumbing issue is troublesome and annoying, not to mention it’s messy and dirty sometimes. It takes up so much of your time to figure out why your plumbing system is broken. There are only a few things that are worse than having plumbing issues in your home or business property. It is when you will start looking for a reliable and competent plumber in Melbourne. At 247 Plumbing, we offer customers in Melbourne expert plumbing solutions. No plumbing challenge is too small or too big for our plumbers. 247 Plumbing has over 25 years of experience, so we can guarantee you that our plumbers know what they’re doing. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offer a same day service. Our services are all affordable so everyone can enjoy quality plumbing without having to spend so much. Our team is composed of licensed experts and professionals who are very friendly yet competent. So what are you waiting for? Contact 247 Plumbing for more information.


  • I just experienced a burst pipe and the water is flooding my home. What are my options before Everflo attends the scene?

    The very first step you take in a burst pipe situation is turning off the water source the main water supply. In most apartments, this might be located under the sink in the kitchen or the bathroom. Doing this should reduce or stop the water flow before the plumbers arrive at your home.

    Toilet’s water supply can be stopped with closing tap place close to the toilet cistern, which may also be inside the cistern. Some sinks and basins might also have a shut-off valve underneath.

  • My water bills always beat my expectations and come higher. Although we do everything to reduce our consumption, the water bills still come very high, why is that?

    Leaks in your plumbing system may be the answer to your question, 24/7 Local Plumber can help you with water leak detection or pipe leak detection to find out any possible leaks. However, there are some tests you can by yourself to find the leaks in your home:

    Note: This test is planned for 30 minutes while no water is being used in your home.

    • Locate your water meter, which is usually placed in front of your house.
    • Look at the current number and write it down on a piece of paper.
    • Come back to the meter after 30 minutes
    • If you see the same numbers, this means you don’t a leak in your plumbing system
    • Close off the valves under the toilets and repeat the first 3 steps
    • If the numbers are still the same, it indicates that your pipe and toilet systems are fine as well
    • If you notice that the numbers have changed, this indicates there is water being consumed and you need a leak detection.
  • My property smells like gas. What should I do?

    Gas leaks are very dangerous and they should be taken care of very seriously. Being highly flammable, gas might be deadly. Here is what you should do:

    1. Find your gas meters, which should be located at the front of your property. Gas meters have yellow handles that can be turned 90 degrees that it becomes perpendicular to the meter. Turn the handle and it will shut off the gas supply to your property.
    2. Call 24/7 Local Plumber as soon as possible and ask for a technician.
  • There is gurgling noise coming from the drain when I flush the toilet. What causes this?

    The common reasons for this is a drain with something obstructing it. It could be anything from a foreign matter to tree roots.  Your best option is calling 24/7 Local Plumber and requesting a technician with a drain camera to investigate your drains.

  • Some appliances trip my power circuit; why does this happen?

    There are two explanations: an improperly working appliance or electrical fault. To determine what the cause is, you can test the same appliance with a different power point and the trip happens again, it is probably the appliance. If it is not the appliance, call us and we will investigate any electrical faults.

  • There is a mark on my ceiling, what to do?

    There could be many reasons, the most likely one being a water leak originating from somewhere. Hiring our leak detection service will be the solution to this problem.

  • My hot water comes in a weird colour, why is that so?

    This most likely due to your water heater’s age and the rust inside it. Call 24/7 Local Plumber to get you hot water heater checked to make sure no bigger issues arise in the future.

  • My power points get hot, what causes this?

    Hot power points are due to an electrical fault, call 24/7 Local Plumber to figure out the issue and fix it.

  • There is a clunking noise coming from my walls when I turn off the taps, why does this happen?

    This situation is called “water hammer”. Vibrations in the pipes are caused by not being secured properly which in return cause the water hammering. This is fixable and all you need to do is giving us a call.

Emergency Plumber in Victoria

With our 24/7 plumbing emergency service, we guarantee exceptional results in the troubleshooting of plumbing issues, and we also have technicians that can carry out various installation, repairs of all types of plumbing systems and appliances. For our plumbing technicians, the time of our client is the most important, that is why we have developed a flexible system that fits into your busy schedule.

A specialized team with all the necessary skills will be at your disposal. Our emergency plumber will be ready to intervene immediately are equipped with the latest generation equipment and tools, work with know-how, use quality products .Our intervention aims to minimize the material losses as well as the waste of time but also to allow you to better manage the situation that presents itself to minimize also the impact on your dailies.


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